Reroll or Keep? The Grand Summoners Tiers List (2024)

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Say goodbye to your free time: Japanese mobile battle game Grand Summonershas made its debut in the USA in English. The spiritual successor to Brave Frontier brings with it an immersive story, tons of quests, and, of course, massively powerful units to battle with.

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As in many other battle mobile games, Grand Summoners allows players to summon powerful warriors and magical beasts to fight alongside your main character. Each of your four-unit party can be equipped with various trinkets and spells, enhanced and upgraded to unlock its maximum potential, and combined with other units of the same type to enhance its stats.

Of course, the characters in your party contribute greatly to the game’s difficulty, as well as to how you fare against other players. This leads to a number of questions: Who should you hope to draw in your summon? What are the Grand Summoner rarity tiers? Is there any way to reroll in Grand Summoners?

Read on to uncover the answers to all of the above, and more!

How to Reroll in Grand Summoners

Grand Summoners, as the name suggests, places a large emphasis on summoning fighter units. Summons cost in-game money in the form of gems, which you receive for completing certain quests and challenges, logging in on consecutive days, or simply buying them. To give all players a leg up when they are first starting out, players receive 175 gems following the tutorial and introduction — enough to summon 11 heroes 3 times and still have gems for equip draws. While there are other ways to get units (through questing or Invasion quests, for instance), this initial lump of gems can make acquiring good units much easier.

Not all summons will be worth keeping, and you will undoubtedly get some doubles. Didn’t get the top summons on your first try? The units you start with will determine your strength (or lack thereof) as you progress through the game. Having the best starter units is essential — and to do that, you may need to reroll.

There is no official way to reroll, but if you want to reset the game and get another shot at a highly ranked summon, here are three unofficial ways to reroll in Grand Summoners:

  • Android devices: Clear the game’s data.
  • iOS devices: Reinstall the game.

(Owners of rooted devices can directly delete certain files to reset the gem count, but we won’t go into that here).

Once you do this, all you have to do is play through until you receive 175 gems again, and give the summoning another try.

Who should you reroll for? We have a few suggestions below.

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Grand Summoners Tiers List

The Grand Summoners tiers and rarity levels are based on the numbers of stars a unit can potentially have. The following is a breakdown of the tier list:

  • No rarity rating:2 stars
  • Rare: 3 stars
  • Super Rare: 4 stars
  • Hyper Rare: 5 stars
  • Evolved Blade Master: The Blade Master you choose in the beginning of the game can be evolved into a higher tier later in the game.

The higher the potential power, the better ranked the unit is. Many units can also be evolved into higher rarity versions of themselves by raising their level to the maximum and using special items. (However, this is a lengthy process.) These are all things to keep in mind when you roll (or reroll) for summons in Grand Summoners.

Grand Summoner Unit Types

To have a truly balanced team, it isn’t enough to have just high-tier characters. When putting together your dream team of fighters, you’ll need to consider their types as well. Different types of units can equip different types of equipment, and it’s a good idea to have a balanced team with a variety of units for the best effect.

While most good summons can equip three items, which equipment they can wield varies by type. The unit types and the equipment slots they come with are:

  • Attacker: The offensive unit which provides high damage. Can usually equip two attack items.
  • Supporter: The buff unit which provides temporary stat boosts for the whole team. Can usually equip one attack item and one support item.
  • Breaker: The boss-hunting unit which specializes in breaking the boss gauge. Can usually equip 2 attack items.
  • Healer: The, well, healer unit. This is generally the only unit capable of equipping healing items. Can usually equip one defense item and one healing item.
  • Defender: The tank unit which protects your team from enemy damage. Can usually equip one defense item.

Grand Summoners allows you to have more than one loadout, so try different party configurations until you find what works for you.

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Best Grand Summoners Characters to Use

Of course, not all top-tier summons in Grand Summoners are equal. The trick to creating the best team is to mix and match unit types into a cohesive 4-summon army.

Here are a few current fan favorites to aim for, as well as their unit type and element, and their strengths as a unit:

  • Valhalla: Healer; Wood. Although this unit is not very powerful, its healing and buffing skills are top-notch.
  • Ragna: Breaker; Fire. A solid unit with great resists and buffs for the team.
  • Eden: Defender; Light. A defender unit with a 5-star healing slot and potential for damage negation.
  • Toto: Supporter; Wood. A reliable party buffer with support equip slots and regenerating health.
  • Yomi:Attacker; Water. A powerful attacker with physical and support equip slots and high water damage.
  • Arosdea: Attacker; Fire. A strong unit with three physical attack slots and useful skills.

Whichever of the three starter units you choose will also serve you well later in the game, as the Blade Masters — Clyde, Corsair, and Arth — have the potential to become even stronger than the summoned units. It is also recommended that you check in for future limited-time-events, which provide higher chances of landing a prized or limited unit.

Now that Grand Summoners has gone global (or at least has a U.S. release), English speakers can join in on the fun of this expansive battle mobile game. And with our Grand Summoners tier list and unit recommendations, you can start your journey into the game with a powerful team!

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Reroll or Keep? The Grand Summoners Tiers List (2024)


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