Read The Summoner Chapter 91 English RAW: . Riot of the Bloodstain Tribe (2024)

After the rally that lasted for nearly 5 hours, the Orcs shouted the name "Gorelik, the **** of hyenas and zebras," and then gradually withdrew from the big shaman.

The messy scenes are not planned at all, and the noisy scenes are similar to the battlefield.

In fact, more or less fighting took place on the exit.

Crowding and shoving each other made the grumpy half-orcs glaring at each other, and if there was a little provocation or wickedness, it quickly evolved into a heads-up, coupled with the existence of family and friends, and then evolved into a group fight, If the two clans themselves are not right, it has evolved into a group conflict.

Adrien stood outside the top of the mountain in a reserved grove, seeming to hide it, watching this farce from the Orcs: "Has this already begun?"

His eyes looked at a figure on the side that looked like a bystander: "Blood-scarred tribe...Imsh?!"


In front of Imsh, the members of the two small tribes are fighting. Although they have not used their weapons, they are also fighting with blood in their heads. The miserable appearance is almost the same as fighting on the battlefield!

Right behind him, another chief of a half-orc tribe sneered: "Looks like a fool!"

"Fool?" Imsh nodded. "Really!"


Other chiefs spoke.

Looking at the chaotic place in front of his face, Shen said: "Is this plan okay?" He looked at the huge hyena idol on the stage with some fear, and his voice was a little trembling: "If it is true If something goes wrong, we are all done, the big shaman will not let us go!"

"Big shaman?" But there were also other chiefs who whispered wickedly: "Look at what the big shaman is now forcing us? Good-looking clothes are gone! Good food is gone! Even delicious food The wine is gone!"

"Yes! It's all the big shaman's mistake!" The other chiefs responded.


Imsh sneered: "Originally, our smuggling trade with human beings is so good, we can smuggle in large quantities of food and wine every month, and even enjoy precious condiments. How good is our life?" A grin whispered: "Look now, our chief, is not as good as a group of former slaves!"

"That's! This is an insult to us!" The other chiefs screamed out orcish fangs and looked at them with a grudge, looking at a group of half-orcs wearing fine linen robes as they walked down the stage .

"Shaman?" Imsh gritted his teeth: "Huh! A group of women who dare not go to battle!"


Other chiefs shouted: "A bunch of ladies!"

But they didn’t say much, but their faces were slightly stiff, because the noise in front of them quickly calmed down by the arrival of the orc shamans, but those who were slaves and had no social status at all The Manchus, instead of returning to the stage of the temple, walked towards them!

That's right, Imsh's face became very stiff, grinning, and bad thoughts appeared in his mind, but before he could convey any order, he suddenly found that he was surrounded!

"What?!" The chieftain was pale beside him: "These are our elite guards!"

"They betrayed Lao Tzu?" The chieftain's body was trembling: "They betrayed their clan?!"


Imsh's teeth clenched: "When did this happen?!"

He swept around the elite guards who were looming around him, watching the elaborately configured battle axe and hatchet, and a few people still had precious leather armor. , Seems to have been unconsciously controlled by the big shaman?!"

"You actually betrayed the clan!" A chief looked at his familiar face with resentment. He remembered that this was the old man who fought side by side with him, and he roared and pointed at him: "You betrayed me and the clan!"

"Shut up!" But the half-orc glared fiercely at him: "You are the one who betrayed the clan!"

"I?" The chief screamed and stepped forward: "Laozi is the chief!"


The battle axe slashed in an instant, blood splattered.

It also stepped forward and shouted that he was the chief's half-orc, with an unbelievable look in his eyes, but he could only stretch his hand to cover his throat, and when he grew his mouth, he could not make any sound, only a share of blood Gushing out of his mouth, he finally knelt on the ground and twitched to death.

Right in front of him, the half-orc guardian who was familiar with him stretched out his hand and wiped the blood-stained axe with his robe, expressing an expressionless rebuke: "There is only a big shaman!"

"...How dare you!" The chiefs around suddenly widened their eyes, but were silent.

"Is the chiefs here?"

The team of shamans came with a cane.

The shaggy face was very clean, with an arrogant and excited look: "That's great!" They swept over these chiefs, and they were unkind to the members of the guards who were originally responsible for the chief's safety. Commanded: "The chiefs who betrayed my **** and tried to plot against the shaman are all pressed into the temple!"

"Yes!" Compared with the bravery of the chiefs, the members of the guards were extremely obedient to the shamans, looking at the white zebra mask on their faces enthusiastically, and took action.

"You can't do this to us! We are chiefs!"

The chiefs are still struggling.

But the members of the guard who originally protected them, took out the sticks mercilessly and pulled them fiercely against their cheeks and bodies. Instead of showing a little respect, they just looked like death to the enemy!

"Enough!" Imsh faced a few times, and finally appointed: "We lost!"


Behind him shoved him forward.

Not far away, the hordes of orcs looked at it all fanatically.

Some people were surprised and panicked, but more often, they were frightened by the theocracy symbolized by the white mask, which led everyone to cheer and pray aloud, shouting all kinds of patchwork, almost nauseous prayer words, especially looking at it. The huge hyena statue in the shrine is fanatical to crazy!

The huge door of the temple slowly opened, and the dozen orc chiefs were pushed into the temple. Not only the guards and shamans, but also the believers in the dark church wearing black robes.

Until now, it seemed that the dust had landed, and the riots outside gradually subsided.

The half-orcs whispered and cursed the former chieftain, also dispersed.


Adrien watched coldly.

There was a smile on the corner of his mouth. This farce was beyond his expectations. Originally, he thought there would be a more wonderful rebellion and judging bridge, but he didn't expect it to end so simply and neatly.

"When is the Orc so smart?" He chuckled away from the woods, hidden in the nature. He walked on the edge of a rugged cliff, and even stepped on a few rocks that were only about the width of a finger or a slap. It is easy to walk towards the temple at the top of the mountain step by step on the side of the cliff.

Mountains are also nature. Despite being infested by the traces of civilization, the nature of nature is still here, but it has entangled the civilization of the orc, and even invaded the gap between civilizations.

The little trees on the roadside or the weeds in the courtyard, and even the bonsai in the pots are all natural.

There are also pristine earth hills, mountains and deserts.

Swamp forest or lake.


It's really everywhere!


Come to the outer wall of the shrine and build a wall along the cliff.

Adrian is supported by shrubs growing on the rock wall, just through a breathable ventilation window, you can see the deliberately built grand hall inside the temple, and see the inside clearly.

The first position is the statue of the hyena and the zebra beast.

This time it's not like a hyena or a zebra.

It is more like a jackal.

With a halberd in his hand, his teeth grin as if to intimidate the enemy on the opposite side, and the sculptures come to life.

Dozens of shamans wearing white zebra masks were still kneeling down and praying, and just below the head, the dozens of chiefs were also **** and kneeling under this statue for humiliating trial.

As for the sides, those half-orc warriors with fanaticism were staring at them fiercely.

"Imsh underneath?"

There was a sound under the idol.

Even if Adrien was far away, he could hear the thunderous voice inside: "Why are you, my friend?" It was a large shaman wearing luxurious costumes and holding various inlaid rattan canes: "You really disappointed me, why did you betray me, and also betray the noble, the **** of jackals, Goulelik?"

"I haven't betrayed!" Imsh's voice was trembling, but angrily rebutted: "I'm only thinking about the future of the orc, your orc scum collused with humans!"

"Collus?" The eyes under the big shaman's mask were not angry at all: "You said they?" He pointed to the standing figure next to him, who seemed to have nothing to do with himself and the members of the dark church: "These people They are all friends, friends who can recover my god, not enemies. We can’t blindly look at humanity with hatred, do you say yes?” He even reached out his hand and slowly said to Imsh: “We Consider for the future of Orcs!"

"Future?" Imsh looked at him fiercely, his eyes full of bloodshot eyes: "Do you tell me anything about the future of the Orc? You used to be a slave to my family! Or the murderer who killed my father!"

"I don't deny that I am a slave to the Bloodstained Tribe, nor do I deny that your father was killed." The big shaman looked at Imsh: "But your father consumes a batch of half every eight years for his own survival. Orc, is this right?"

Read The Summoner Chapter 91 English RAW: . Riot of the Bloodstain Tribe (2024)


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