2024 TikTok Slang Words Parents Should Know (2024)

By Ettore Fantin

August 31, 2023

TikTok has taken the world by storm with its addictive short-form video entertainment. But it’s not just the videos that have caught people’s attention – it’s also the unique and constantly evolving TikTok lingo that is used by creators and is having an influence on teen slang. It can be very difficult for parents of teenagers to keep up with the new vocab their kids are using. Since teens consume so much content on TikTok, it is only natural for them to adopt some of the new vocabulary they see in videos. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular TikTok slang phrases and their meanings.

TikTok Acronyms and Abbreviations

BMS – “Broke My Scale”. An expression in reference to rating someone’s attractiveness where on a scale from 1-10, they broke the scale meaning that they have exceeded the highest possible rating. Basically means that someone is extremely attractive and “off the charts”.

FYP – “For You Page”. The tab on TikTok where the algorithm shows the users videos based on their interests.

GRWM – “Get ready with me”. This is a common acronym for fashion/lifestyle TikToks. This is a style of video where they bring their followers along as they get ready for their day. Normally include picking out clothing, doing morning routines, and having a coffee.

IYKYK – “If you know you know”. This acronym is most commonly used to indicate that only certain people will understand a specific reference or inside joke.

L – “Loss”. Most commonly used in the phrase “taking an L” indicating that there was a failure or someone had failed.

MFW – “My face when”. Used to indicate someone’s reaction in a scenario. Usually a video of someone’s facial expression.

NPC – “Non playable character”. An acronym that comes from videogame characters that are programmed in and not playable. This term is used to describe people who act similar to characters that you would interact with in a video game.

NSFW – “Not safe for work”. This term is used to indicate that a specific piece of content should not be watched in the workplace. It is used for the type of content that if your boss saw you watching, you would get in trouble. Generally, not the type of content that teenagers should be watching.

OOMF – “One of my followers”. A quick and short way to reference a follower without having to call out that particular person

OOTD – “Outfit of the day”. This is a common style of video used by lifestyle and fashion TikTokers to show their daily outfits.

POV – “Point of view”. Used to signify a first-person perspective in a specific situation.

TFW – “That feeling when”. References a certain feeling that one experiences in a specific situation.

W – “Win”. Most commonly used in the phrase “taking a W” indicating that there was a success or some sort of victory.

List of TikTok Slang Words

Ate that – When someone does a remarkably good job at something.

Bet – Used as a term of affirmation or agreement.

Bussin – A word used to describe food that is remarkably delicious.

Caught in 4k – Indicates that someone was caught with irrefutable evidence, such as video or picture.

Cheugy – Someone or something that is uncool or off-trend. Can also be used to describe something that is trying too hard and missing the mark.

Delulu – Someone who is delusional and has unrealistic expectations.

Granola girl – The type of girl that is outdoorsy and environmentally conscious. Someone who is aware of their carbon footprint and also enjoys hikes.

Gyat – A short form of saying “goddamn” usually in reference to someone’s physical attractiveness

It’s giving ___ – Something that gives off a certain type of vibe.

Main character – Someone who is actively trying to have the spotlight on themselves, as if they were the focus on whatever environment they’re in.

Mid – Something that is mediocre, or nothing special. Can be used to describe music, movies, or anything else that did not surpass expectations.

Ratio – When someone’s comment or reaction receives more likes or support than the original post.

Rizz – A term used to describe someone’s ability to flirt, or attract other people.

Simp – Someone who is overly desperate for the attention of someone else.

Skibidi – An adjective used to describe someone who is bad or evil.

Spilling Tea – When someone has gossip that they want to share.

Sus – Used to describe behavior or people that are suspicious.

Unalive – Indicates that something is dead or was killed. It is used because it is believed that TikTok censors the use of violent words.

2024 TikTok Slang Words Parents Should Know (2024)


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