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The Active for Life philosophy is to enhance the quality of life and leisure by promoting life-long physical, intellectual, social and cultural activity."

Visiting and enjoying your local parks and trails is a fantastic way to stay Active for Life. Try walking or biking at Westwood Lake Park, the Parkway Trail

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Trails for Tykes on Bikes

Below are a number of suggested places where you can take your child to practise bicycling in a comfortable setting. Teaching your child riding a bike is a great pleasure and is part of your responsibility once you made the purchase of your child's bike. Please don't assume your child just picks up how to handle their bike, manoeuver around obstacles or deal with traffic.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and look at our course schedule if you want to learn about teaching bike skills. Our descriptions are provided to give cyclists some information on the difficulty of the terrain, the distance and other important bits. Please note that GNCC provides this information freely under the understanding that you take responsibility for your own safety and assume all risks.

Parkway Trail

The Parkway trail offers cyclists of all ages and abilities a safe, fun and accessible route to many of Nanaimo's parks and recreation facilities and other city amenities. Most parents drive to the Nanaimo Tourism office on the Parkway near Northfield to access the trail. Be aware that locals also walk their dogs in that area. Another good section of the trail is in Collier dam park.

Altrusa Park @ Beban Park

Altrusa park is a great place to take your little one who is learning to ride a bike. The park is fenced off to ensure a safe environment for children. Trails are flat and paved to encourage safe, simple cycling. Altrusa park also offers a great playground for children to enjoy while taking a break from their bike. GNCC offers most of its bike skills classes from Beban Park; see our course schedule for details.

Barney Muriez Park Brechin Hill

Barney Muriez park is a great place to take your little one who is learning to ride a bike. The park has a paved and marked bike trail around the perimeter of the playground. It is fenced off to ensure a safe environment for children. The park also offers a great playground for children to enjoy while taking a break from their bike. The park is located between Princess Royal and Bedford Avenue.

E&N Trail

The E&N trail is one of the most popular trails in Nanaimo. Cycling, rollerblading skateboarding and walking are welcome on this multi-use trail. The E&N trail extends 8 kilometres from Rosehill avenue to East Wellington road. Access the E&N trail via Townsite road, Waddington road, Boundary avenue, Northfield road, Bowen road or Wellington road. The E&N trail provides access to schools, shops, parks, trails and other recreation facilities.

Colliery Dam Park

From south Nanaimo, use Fourth street or Wakesiah avenue. Enter Colliery dam park via Wakesiah avenue. From central and north Nanaimo, use the Parkway trail. Enjoy a beautiful bike ride through lush green colliery dam park. Colliery dam park offers a variety of unpaved trails under the lush forest canopy. Fishing, swimming, cycling, running, hiking or just relaxing are just a few of the activities that Colliery dam park offers.

Bowen Park

Bowen Park is a great destination for family cycling, the perfect spot for early riders to pactice their skills on 2 wheels. The park has many level or mild sloped paved internal roads and multi-use trails. Bowen Park is a forest in the city!

Westwood Park

Westwood is a little more challenging, it is a great way to experience nature on two wheels. From the parking lot north there are some flat sections to practice before the 5 kilometer trail narrows. Once on the western side of the lake the trail is wide and flat. The south end is a big climb and steep descent recommended only for experienced cyclists

Neck Point Park

This waterfront park offers stunning views and offer a variety of easy trails for the young ones to practice their cycling skills. Watch for dogs and take time to explore the beach. Remember that seawater and metal bikes do not mix well. Make sure you hose off the bike frame and lubricate all rotating parts.

Walley Creek

Looking for a nice quiet route in the north end, Walley creek is a level flat cycling route.

Newcastle Island

A great island to explore for the day. Only two trails can be accessed by bikes on New Castle island (5 kilometer round trip) and you have to consider that before you pay the extra fee for the bike(s) on the ferry. New Castle is however a gem to hike, explore, hang out on the beach or go for a dip in the ocean. Be careful as steel bikes do not like seawater.

Local Trails & Routes

The Darting Duck Trail

This short trail along Diver Lake is a fun hard packed trail. It is a great little interlude from riding on the road and requires no skills other than to share this trail with walkers, dogs and ducks.