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The Active for Life philosophy is to enhance the quality of life and leisure by promoting life-long physical, intellectual, social and cultural activity."

Visiting and enjoying your local parks and trails is a fantastic way to stay Active for Life. Try walking or biking at Westwood Lake Park, the Parkway Trail

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Tourist Routes and Trails

We have provided a number of suggested routes to destinations on Vancouver Island for travellers and local cyclists. These destinations include Attractions, Points of Interest, Provincial Parks, Towns and villages. Please note that GNCC provides this information freely under the understanding that you take responsibility for your own safety and assume all risks. We are working on adding to our collection monthly.

Glenora Park to Kinsol Trestle

›› The Cowichan Valley Trail is a great place to visit. There are a number of places and stretches to ride or walk this former rail line. Glenora Trail Park is a great place to start and to ride your bike the 15 kilometers to Kinsol Trestle. Before you head south though go north for a kilometer and visit the Holt River Trestle. Not as wide but just as spectacular as the Kinsol trestle. After your 30 km ride visit the Alderlea Biodynamic Farm and Organic Cafe for some great lunch fare or coffee. www.alderleafarm.com

Directions to Glenora Trail Head Park:  Hwy 1 to Duncan, right on Trunk Rd, left on Allenby Rd, go over bridge straight onto Indian Rd to Glenora Store, right on Glenora Rd, right on Vaux Rd (there is a sign for the Glenora Trails Head Park at that junction).  The Park and parking lot are at the end of Vaux Rd.  See google map here