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The Active for Life philosophy is to enhance the quality of life and leisure by promoting life-long physical, intellectual, social and cultural activity."

Visiting and enjoying your local parks and trails is a fantastic way to stay Active for Life. Try walking or biking at Westwood Lake Park, the Parkway Trail

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Below are a number of suggested bike routes to take in the sights and learn about the history of Nanaimo and the region. We are working on several routes and tours

Parks of Nanaimo

Go on a pleasant bike ride through the forested santcuaries of Nanaimo.It is amazing how many parks are in the boundaries of our harbour city. The tour includes visits to the Colliery Dam Park, Morrell Sanctuary, Buttertubs Marsh and Beach Estates Park.

Heritage Bike Tour

Nanaimo has many stories to tell. It has a rich and varied history that still speaks to us in the way the City has grown and developed over time. In particular, these stories are evident in the city's historic neighbourhoods (Downtown, Old City, Newcastle and South End) and the heritage buildings and sites, which comprise the tangible reminders of each area's history. To learn about Nanaimo's historic neighbourhoods, heritage buildings and sites the city culture and heritage department produced a map and brochure. Click on the icon for the map and click this link for the descriptions..

Nanaimo Architecture Ride

The heaviest concentration of heritage buildings and notable 19th century landmarks is found on the three routes outlined in this brochure one exploring the Old City Quarter, a second focused on Commercial Street, Chinatown and the downtown core, and the third encompassing the Bastion and the waterfront. One highlight among many: the splendid Nanaimo Court House, built in 1895-96 by architect Francis Rattenbury (best known for the Empress Hotel and the BC Parliament Buildings in Victoria).

Le Grand Cru

If you need a good excuse to combine two of your passions, than here it is. Join like minded souls on exploring the wineries around mid Vancouver Island by taking out your steed and cycle over country lanes. Rides are supported and orders of plonk will be delivered.

Tour de Biere

A lot of new breweries have set up shop in the Nanaimo region. We are excited to host two rides during this year's Beer Week to be able to visit more breweries and to raise even more funds for the Greater Nanaimo Bicycle Coalition. We are offering the opportunity to enjoy multiple brewery tours from skilled master brewers and complimentary tastings and discounts from our participating breweries. The GNCC is an organization that promotes safe, convenient and enjoyable cycling in the Greater Nanaimo.

Cedar and Yellow Point Farmers Market Rides

In the Greater Nanaimo Area we are fortunate to have a number of cycling groups from the SlowSpokes, the YellowJackets, MIVA and ChainGang. All do regular rides each on different levels and with different objectives. During the summer season the SlowSpokes cycle each sunday from Serious Coffee on COmmercial Street to the Cedar Farmers Market. Keeners go for an extra loop around Yellow Point other head straight to the Crow and Gate Pub. Rides leave at 9am.

Art Crawl Ride

A new route every 3 weeks, Stay tuned

Pearls of Nanaimo Ride

Join Frank Ney's ghost and ride through Nanaimo to find hiding pearls. Bring your inner pirate and go raiding on the streets through parks and discover the secret chambers!!!

Cementary Mash Ride

Pioneer Cemetery Tours> Discover the stories buried in BC's third oldest cemetery. Nanaimo's original cemetery dates back to the 1850s and is now a public park. Stories of families, sailors and a casualty of the Crimean War in Russia paint a picture of life in Nanaimo over 160 years ago. The cost is $10 per person, pre-registration required. The tour is 45 minutes long.

Discover Millstone Valley Ride

First Nation Hostroic Sites

Artist Studio Tours