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The Active for Life philosophy is to enhance the quality of life and leisure by promoting life-long physical, intellectual, social and cultural activity."

Visiting and enjoying your local parks and trails is a fantastic way to stay Active for Life. Try walking or biking at Westwood Lake Park, the Parkway Trail

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medium to LONG Routes

Below are a number of suggested routes on local roads and trails. The routes range from 10, 15, 20, to 100 kilometers loops. Our descriptions are provided to give cyclists some information on the difficulty of the terrain, the distance and other important bits. Please note that GNCC provides this information freely under the understanding that you take responsibility for your own safety.

Pleasant Valley - Upper Lantzville Loop (17 km)

Through Pleasant Valley along the Parkway trail you have glimpses of Brannen Lake with Mount Benson towering over it. This loop has some short intense hills as indicated on the map. It takes in a section of Parkway trail through Upper Lantzville and returns to Pleasant Valley. If you ride on a Wednesday stop in at the Island Roots Farmers Market (3pm to 6pm) or deak into Lantzville on Sundays (1:30-4:00pm) for their farmers market. Other stops can be made at the Black Bear pub or Haz Beans Coffee Shop at Rutherford. We recommend to ride the loop in clockwise direction.

This is a challenging ride which can be extended to include the Doumont loop (+6.5 km) or the Lantzville circle (+11 km).

Cedar - Yellow Point Loop (30 to 50 km)

Cedar and Yellow Point has all the ingredients for a superb country bike ride: cafe's, restaurants, country pubs, country farms, art studios, galleries and farmer markets. This is cycling in heaven with superb brews, cranberries in chocolate, hardy pub fare and finger licking good fresh honey and fresh produce.

You can start this route at Coco Cafe in Cedar for a 30 kilometer loop or if you start in downtown Nanaimo you are looking at a 50 kilometers ride. The roads in Cedar are narrow with little to no shoulders and with some stretches of rough pavement. You will discover some great inclines near Yellow Point lodge and at the Cranberry farm. Hills are indicated on the map.

Lantzville Circle (14.5 km)

From North Nanaimo you can travel through Upper and Lower Lantzville. The roads are relative quiet put hilly. You can connect to Lower Lantzville over the Nanoose First Nation footbridge that spans across the highway. Be respectful of their land. The loop is done counter clockwise as you can see on the map.

This not a beginners route. You should have some miles in your legs and be comfortable with climbing up te inclines on this route.

Diver Lake - Beban Park Loop (17km)

The Diver Lake Loop is a relative flat route through quiet neighbourhoods road and trails. The route includes a section of Parkway trail and almost the entire length of the E&N trail. Most cyclist start the loop from Beban Park or from spots along the E&N trail such as at Brookslanding or at Haz Beans at Rutherford. We recommend to ride the loop in clockwise direction.

You can extend this route by 1.6 kilometers by crossing the highway at JunglePot/Norwell and return to E&N through the tunnel at Brookslanding. This extension of the route involves some inclines.