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The main causes of traffic accidents are errors due to maladaptive behaviour in interaction with roadways or other vehicles. In plain speak, people walking on the street or operating a vehicle sometimes demonstrate poor behaviour and thus create accidents.

In Nanaimo we seem to have a lot of roadusers manifesting bad traffic behaviour. Only through education and enforcement are we going to see changes to this dangerous conduct

A Good read to inform yourself on this topic is The Handbook of Traffic Psychology by Bryan Porter. Look for it at your local library.

Trail Habits

Share the Trail

Keep right except to pass.

Alert Others

When passing, alert others and control your speed.

Yield to Others

Cyclists yield to all other trail users. Hikers yield to equestrians.

Respect the Trail

Do not remove or disturb animals or plants, such as wildflowers.

Be Alert and Visible

Wear reflective gear and use caution at road crossings.

Pet Etiquette

Dogs must be on the right hand side of the trail. On most multi-use such as the E&N trails dogs must be leashed.

other information

Cycling Route Planning Tool
Need to find the best route by bike? Check out the Cycling Route Planner, developed by a team of researchers at the University of British Columbia in cooperation with TransLink. This handy tool helps cyclists find bike routes anywhere in Metro Vancouver based on options such as designated cycling routes, distance, elevation gain and air quality. For more details, please visit UBC's Cycling in Cities website, or check out the cycling information on Google Maps.

Fun on the move study

Last year I had the privilege to meet with miss Lan Le Diem Tran, a research assistant at the World Leisure Centre of Excellence at VIU. She spoke to the GNCC on her study on how millennials travel in their community. We had some great conversations and now that she is ready to get some data we hope to spread the news on her survey.

SO here we go: If you're between 20 & 32 years old and have been living in Nanaimo for minimum 6 months, YOU'RE NEEDED!

This is a survey for a Master's thesis on the topic of leisure mobility of Millennials in Nanaimo. Please fill in the survey and share the link far and wide. If you participate, you may get a chance to win one of the 30 two-for-one admission passes to Oliver Woods Community Centre.
Survey link:

And remember to like and follow the study's Facebook page for more info and updates.