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GNCC and the City agree on a new Bike Map for Nanaimo. GNCC has brought the issue of the need for a consumer friendly bicycle map with the city for a several months and it looks like the city has realized that a new up-to-date map is a crucial part of implementing the Nanaimo Master Transportation Plan. Next will be getting digital and have the map live on phones and tablets.

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Trail Habits

Share the Trail

Keep right except to pass.

Alert Others

When passing, alert others and control your speed.

Yield to Others

Cyclists yield to all other trail users. Hikers yield to equestrians.

Respect the Trail

Do not remove or disturb animals or plants, such as wildflowers.

Be Alert and Visible

Wear reflective gear and use caution at road crossings.

Pet Etiquette

Dogs must be on the right hand side of the trail. On most multi-use such as the E&N trails dogs must be leashed.

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Cycling Route Planning Tool
Need to find the best route by bike? Check out the Cycling Route Planner, developed by a team of researchers at the University of British Columbia in cooperation with TransLink. This handy tool helps cyclists find bike routes anywhere in Metro Vancouver based on options such as designated cycling routes, distance, elevation gain and air quality. For more details, please visit UBC's Cycling in Cities website, or check out the cycling information on Google Maps.

Books to Read

Here are some fantastic books to read if you want to learn about people, the way they behave and on issues that are coming or are already in your community.


Kid's Conference in Nanaimo 2017

Anyone coming upon some kids playing, cannot but smile. Their joy and laughter is music to anyone's ears. Do you remember those times, including the moments of self discovery. Now imagine a thousand kids let loose on a host of experiences and activities; learning new things, mastering movements and creating moments and masterpieces.

That is what happened last Saturday January 14th 2017 at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre in Nanaimo, with second annual Kids Conference. This amazing event was created so that parents and children in our community would be able to discover and learn about resources around the community. And discoveries were made by hundreds of kids and parents wandering the entire upper floor of the centre.

The Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition had for it's second year, set up an obstacle circuit for kids, so kids could practise bicycle skills on Strider and Pedal Bikes. In addition we handed out information about Bike Education classes, our advocacy work and events. We had over 180 kids ride pedal and strider bikes on a obstacle circuit. The event organization was just fantastic and this free events that included free amazing food

The KIDS Conference is focused on bridging the gap between all economic backgrounds, and promoting a future for all children. Besides amazing food, great entertainment and speakers, the rooms were filled with vendors and tons of activities for the children and adults to participate in.

A GIANT Thank You to the Conference Centre and its staff for putting on this amazing free event for the past 2 years. AND a Million Thanks to our GNCC Volunteers, Lorne Freedman - Jonathon Behnke - Antonius Adema - Keith Gaunt and Arrowsmith Cycles for the equipment.

Photographs courtesy of Lorne Freedman