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Rosstown Road

The Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition is working on improvement to our road infrastructure in the City and the District of Nanaimo. If you have any concerns about roads, sidewalks or trails in your neighbourhood, contact us.

As part of our work the GNCC performs monthly assessment rides, where we go through a neighbourhood and look at the infrastructure from the point of view as a pedestrian, a bicyclist, a mobility scooter or wheelchair user, commercial vehicle driver or other motor vehcile driver. We considereveryones perspective and challenges on our roads, parks, trails and open spaces.

GNCC did an assessment of this corner of Rosstwon and Pheasant Trail and send a report to the city. Nothing has changed at this intersection and at this juncture there is an opportunity to fix some issues. Click on any of the of the picture to enlarge or for the videos to pop up.

The corner of Rosstown and Pheasant Trail has a number of difficulties and issues.

First and foremost is that the shoulder on the north side of Rosstown is a sidewalk and the marking (fogline) stops before the intersection is reached.

Secondly if someone would round the corner on foot the person will discover that Pheasant Trail lane is too narrow to handle motor-vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
To access the sidewalk on the opposite side a pedestrian has to cross the road on a heavy volume road, without the aid of a pedestrian crossing.

Since the city does not obtain ADT data we did some sampling using the manual counting standards of non peak hours on tuesdays ,wednesday , thursdays. We found an average volume of 8 - 10 motor vehicles per minute or 500 units/hour during daylight hours.

This corner is highly used and with the damage to the road surface, the pothole and the standing pool of water make this a difficult obstacle to negotiate for pedestrians and cyclist's.

Although the road geometry allows for bus and commercial traffic to negotiate this corner

with more than ample room, cars seems to insist on cutting over the solid line and cutting the corner, leaving no room for other road users.
Please click on any of the pictures or videos to get a sense of what the issues are.

If we look at the cachement area of the Coal Tye School. The neighbourhood west of this intersection has about 400 homes along 7+ kilometer of neighbourhood roads. Why this intersection has no crosswalk is a mystery.
Solutions and suggestions:

As the predominate route is from Rosstown to Pheasant Trail:
- move the stopsign
- install cross walk
- install a raised curb section
- widen Pheasant trail so cyclist can merge.