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The Nanaimo School District has sponsored the 2017 Bike To Work and School Week Campaign. Stay tuned for more...

The GNCC works for health professionals to get our citizens off their butts on our their bikes or on a walking path to better health. Sign the Communities on the Move declaration and become an active participant. Click 'Here'.


A new era has started for the Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition in which we are realizing our goal of making cycling in Nanaimo a more accessible, attractive and safer option for transportation and recreation. Working with the City of Nanaimo, the Regional District and various other organizations, we hope to establish a high-quality bicycle network suitable for users of all ages and abilities.

To be successful in making changes to our city, especially when it comes to the overall health of our citizens, both youth and adults, it is important that we create opportunities for the people of Nanaimo to be able to walk and cycle to school or work, and to be able to access the many services and amenities in their neighbourhoods and the larger community. Walkable neighbourhoods, good transit options, mixed-use neighbourhoods, and a high-quality bicycle network are all essential elements in creating a more livable, attractive and sustainable community.

GNCC supports Mayor and Council on any initiatives that will help bring about a shift from motorized transportation to more sustainable modes of travel such as public transit, cycling and walking. Over the past two years, the GNCC, along with many other community groups and hundreds of residents, have contributed to the development of a new Transportation Master Plan which recognizes the need for making this fundamental shift from car dependency to transit, walking and cycling. We encourage Mayor and Council to adopt this plan and to provide the financial resources necessary to expedite its implementation.

Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition New Website

Our Board and members are working hard to create the GNCC's new website which will include many useful resources including up-to-date information about our advocacy work, upcoming events, a format for reporting road hazards, maps highlighting safe cycling routes, tips on safe cycling, and much more. The site will also include useful links to other like-minded organizations that are also working to create a more sustainable, healthy, attractive and equitable community.

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